All these years that we have been activating in the domain of hotel supplies, and we have concluded that hotel chains invest a big part of their funds in linen sector.

According to this, it is normal for hotels to want to protect this investment by controlling the movement of goods - especially when using external laundries. Endless hours are spent and a lot of staff effort, who would be needed at the time for other hotel activities, such as housekeeping and room cleaning. We also often observe that the inspection process is likely to be bypassed - especially during peak times.

For that reason, pioneering in the Greek and Cypriot markets, we introduce the RFTT (Radio Frequency Textile Tracking). This technology enables our hotel customers to:

  • Hold immediate control over the number of linens collected from the rooms and heading to the laundry, without any physical count of items.
  • Hold immediate control and counting of linens delivered from the laundry.
  • Obtain product identification and check that the hotel's linens are returned accurately.
  • Maintain a report on the number of washes and a clear picture of their lifecycle.
  • Get an immediate inventory record in order to discover the needs for the next purchase.

The RFTT system consists of:

  • The Τag Performer is a wash-proof transceiver designed for optimum mass scanning performance. It has been tested under the most rigid washing conditions and is certified for a life cycle of at least 200 washes, at a pressure of 70 bar, and ironing temperature of 160ºC. It is sewn into the label, which is highly resistant to all common laundry and linen chemicals, as well as iron-friendly.
  • The Reader P1128 and P1166 are versatile high-performance manual scanners. They offer the capability of transferring data to bookkeeping and can be connected to a variety of mobile devices through Bluetooth technology.
  • The PassPortal 456 is the solution for scanning trolleys with excellent real-time reading performance, low energy consumption, and smart price. It is placed as a gateway and provides real-time information on the daily workload and deliveries. Its basic design relates to the handling of trolleys up to 80 cm wide, with the custom size option available on request. Finally, it is equipped with an audio signal and a built-in 10 " touch screen.
Reader P1128 και P1166
PassPortal 456
rftt1 (2)
Τag Performer
Reader P1128 και P1166

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